Why become a B4 Member or Supporter?

Children in the early years, pregnancy to 4 years of age are Tasmania’s adults tomorrow. The evidence is clear, nurturing healthy development in the early years lasts a lifetime, shaping the child, youth and adult they become. What happens in the early years impacts on a child’s future health, education, social, emotional and physical wellbeing. Investing in the early years is a smart investment showing greater returns per dollar spent than at any other time of life[1]. Through new understandings in brain development we know the early years are the critical period for development and growth with early intervention more effective and able to achieve greater outcomes than interventions later in life[2].

“Getting it right in the early years means getting it right for life.”

By becoming a B4 Member or Supporter you are joining a movement, to build a strong future for Tasmania to ensure every child getting a great start to life. Working together with children, families and communities to support, every child in Tasmania, to be cared for and nurtured through the early years, no matter what.

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  • Member – Organisations that take action to improving outcomes for children in the early years, working together with families and communities; or as a
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