The B4 Early Years Toolkit

The B4 Early Years Toolkit

The B4 Early Years Coalition is proud to announce the release of the B4 Early Years toolkit – a great electronic and hardcopy folder of amazing information for everybody about why the early year’s pregnancy to 4 years is so important.

“We encourage everyone to get their B4 Toolkit, read the early years story and key messages and take action to support our youngest Tasmanians” said Elizabeth Daly, Co-Chair.

View the electronic version of the B4 Toolkit

Contact if you would like the kit to be sent to you in hard copy. If you are looking to share the toolkits in your community, please let the B4 Support Team know the quantity you need.

B4 Ideas for Action Cards

Are you a business owner wondering what you can do to make a difference for children in the early years, or a local service wondering how to get involved?

The B4 Ideas for Action Cards give easy simple actions we everyone can take to support children in the early years their families and communities.

The printable cards give ideas across the six key developmental areas for children and are currently grouped for parents, family and friends, communities, services and supports, business and early year’s services and supports.

View the B4 Ideas for Action Cards