L-R Annette Rockliff – Choose Life Services, Annette Fuller – B4 Early Years Coalition, Tessa Lee – Tessa Lee Music, Jenny Mountney – Part of the East Devonport Child and Family Learning Centre family and Alex Morse – Creative Therapies Tasmania

Making the Tassie Early Years community proud on the national stage. Pictured here are our hometown heroes Annette Rockliff, Alex Morse, Annette Fuller, Tessa Lee, and Jenny Mountney spreading the music of B4’s ‘Stories Through Song’ initiative at the Cairns Early Years Conference earlier this week. To hear their songs, go to our Stories Through Song page or check them out via YouTube.

“In late 2022 a B4 First 1000 Days Storyteller Grant was awarded to Choose Life Services AKA Parakaleo Ministries Incorporated, in partnership with East Devonport Child and Family Learning Centre, and Creative Therapies Tasmania.
Through the grant funding a Working Group was established to lead the project.
The Working Group included a qualified registered music therapist, music teacher/professional musician and counsellor. This group worked with parents of young children to develop a shared understanding of the importance of the first 1000 days and their own, locally developed, first 1000 days stories. Using a music therapy model, parents wrote and recorded the lyrics and music to tell their story.
The group have now, written, recorded, and documented four songs representing their stories of the first 1000 days, reinforcing the key first 1000 day messages.
The songs and accompanying video clips are extraordinary and the journey that was taken to reach this point has seen incredible growth in confidence and empowerment for the parents involved.”