B4 Co-Chairs

The B4 Early Years Coalition is Co-Chaired by Elizabeth Daly (former Chair of the Tasmanian Early Years Foundation) and Leanne McLean (Tasmania’s Commissioner for Children and Young People).

Elizabeth and Leanne are both passionate about the importance of nurturing our children through their early years, leading the way to an improved future for young Tasmanians.

Elizabeth Daly
Elizabeth Daly – Co-Chair
Leanne McLean
Leanne Mclean – Co-Chair

B4 Membership base

B4 is made up of a broad membership base of over 250 ie Leaders, Members, Supporters and Friends. The B4 membership base are passionate about and committed to supporting children in their early years to get a great start in life by working together with families and communities.

B4 Support Team

The B4 Support Team is made up of staff from the Department of Education. They provide support to B4 Leaders, Members, Supporters and Friends to raise awareness of the importance of the early years and the need for a whole of community approach. The B4 Support Team bring a variety of skills and expertise in the areas of early years, education and supporting families and communities.

Suzanne Purdon
Suzanne Purdon – Principal Leader, Early Years Partnerships and Projects
Annette Fuller
Annette Fuller – Senior Project Officer, B4 Early Years Coalition

Kate McCreadie – Administration Officer, B4 Early Years Coalition