B4 Tas Talks are short video presentations across a range of different topics relevant to the early years, to share ideas, knowledge and resources to support everyone work together for the early years.

Introduction to Collective Impact

Dr Michelle Lucas Executive Director of CMM – Social Change and Senior Fellow of the Harwood Institute (U.S.A) shares her knowledge, wisdom and expertise on Collective Impact and what it means for B4.

As founder of CMM, Michelle has worked for 20 years designing, implementing and refining a collective approach to address complex social challenges throughout Australia and Asia.

Michelle’s work with the Harwood Institute focuses on enabling impact nationally and globally while codifying the aspects of collective action which can build shared responsibility.

The early years: the best investment you can make

Dr Laura Jana is a paediatrician, educator, author and international communicator committed to ensuring all children have the skills, support and tools they need to succeed in school, work and life.

Dr Jana understands the importance and lifelong benefits of nurturing healthy development pregnancy to 4 years and the role everyone can play to ensure all Tasmanian children get a great start.

Mixing business with early childhood, at least at first glance, often strikes people as unusual, but is in fact the most strategically beneficial investment business can make for Tasmania’s future.