B4 Early Years Coalition (B4) is a movement for change to ensure every child in Tasmania is cared for and nurtured through the early years, no matter what.

The name ‘B4’ represents the early years of a child’s life – pregnancy to age four – before a child begins full-time school and the period before birth.

B4 was established by the Tasmanian Government in 2016, and guided by the B4 Leaders. B4 Leaders are individuals from diverse sectors, who work to bring together businesses, government and the community to ensure all Tasmanian children get the best start in life. B4 works through a collective impact, driving community action to achieve better outcomes for our young children and their families.

B4 connects, supports, engages with, and encourages individuals and organisations to work together to ensure all children in Tasmania can reach their potential.

Our vision is to see every child in Tasmania cared for and nurtured through their early years, no matter what.

Our three goals are to ensure that:

  1. Everyone values the early years and is aware of, and understands the importance and lifelong benefits of strong healthy development during this period.
  2. Everyone supports the early years and has the skills, knowledge, resources and a role to support children, their families and communities; and
  3. Everyone works together for the early years to ensure families, services, business and communities have the knowledge, skills and confidence to partner and ensure all children get the best possible start in life.

B4 has six objectives:

  1. Increase awareness and membership of B4.
  2. Establish the conditions of collective impact to create an environment for change.
  3. Increase awareness of the importance of the early years to enable everyone to get involved in the conversation.
  4. Improve the resources available for families, communities and services to assist in supporting our early years children.
  5. Increase collaboration within the community by supporting and encouraging individuals and organisations to work together to nurture our early years children.
  6. Increase in the number of events where Tasmanian children are celebrated and valued as creative, curious, competent, capable citizens at either local or regional levels with at least one statewide event.