The B4 Community Storyteller Grants have been created to help share the message across Tasmania about the importance of the early years.

The first grants released in 2021 supported 11 communities, see below,  share the B4 key messages and the importance of the early years through becoming  skilled community storytellers. Storytellers ran events, shared stories and created a range of resources for their community focusing on the early years story and the key elements required for children to thrive.

2022 B4 Community Storyteller funding recipients:

  • Beaconsfield House Inc,
  • Fingal Valley Neighbourhood House Inc,
  • Parakaleo Ministries Inc,
  • The Link Youth Health Service,
  • The Shepherd Centre – for Deaf Children,


2021 B4 Community Storyteller funding recipients:

  • Burnie Community House,
  • Door of Hope Christian Church,
  • Early Support for Parents,
  • Friends of Zafira,
  • Goodstart Blackmans Bay,
  • Hub4Health,
  • Kingborough Council,
  • Lady Gowrie Tasmania,
  • Mission Australia,
  • Poss M’Agic, and
  • Warrane Mornington Neighbourhood Centre


The following links provide access to a range of resources and activities developed through the Grant Funding project to support everyone share the importance of the early years in their communities:


First 1000 Days Community Storytellers Poster

First 1000 Days Community Storytellers Poster



Building Blocks - 6 Key Message Posters

Building Blocks - 6 Key Message Posters

In 2021 Building Blocks was funded by the Tasmania Government B4 Early Years Coalition to develop a project to tell the stories of families and children in NE Tasmania. Our aim was to empower everyone to do their part in supporting all children to grow and thrive. NE Community Champions for Children offered us all an opportunity to build a more inclusive community.

Building Blocks - 6 Key Message Videos

Mission Australia Family Day Care B4 Storytelling events

Mission Australia Family Day Care B4 Storytelling events

2 MB

The B4 key messages that we had in mind when exploring our storytelling events so that we can support children in their early years learning journey.

B4 Community Champions

B4 has invested in training skilled trusted community members, building a network of trained B4 Community Story Tellers who in turn deliver “B4 Community Story Tellers Training” using the “Facilitators’ Handbook for Training Community Early Years Story Tellers”, to key community members in their communities. These local community members become the B4 Community Storytellers.

As Community Champions are trained they will be added to the list for contact by communities who are seeking community members to be trained as B4 Community Story Tellers.

Current B4 Community Champions

Annette Fuller                  Southern

Courtney Hobbs              Northern

Jeannine Otto                  Southern

Suzanne Purdon              Southern

Di Nailon                         Northern

Simon Hammond            Northern

Melinda Thomas              Southern

Carolyn George               Southern

Dorothy Roberts              Northern

Caroline Bastick               Northern

Tanya Greenwood            Northern

Timiliy Bruce-Green         Southern

To contact a Community Champion please email B4 Support team

Or phone (03) 616 55666.

History of the B4 Community Story Tellers Project

“there is a known and worrying gap between the expert and public understanding of the early years development in Australia,”

Kendall-Taylor, L. Lindland, E. (2013). P.13. Modernity, Morals and More Information: Mapping the Gaps Between Expert and Public Understanding of Early Child Development in Australia. Frameworks Institute.


The B4 Community Story Tellers Project  was designed as a bridge to across this knowledge gap. Working from a relational base it acknowledges the effectiveness of a skilled, peer-to-peer transfer of early years knowledge through storytelling – the peers being natural community story tellers or leaders, not necessarily early years professionals.

“…the fastest way to increase community understanding of the importance of the early years and change behaviours is to upskill specific people within communities that are trusted and more likely to be able to influence other community members, with storytelling skills and knowledge of the importance of the early years.”

B4 initially piloted the program in 2019 across four communities, to test the effectiveness of the model. The pilot was highly successful in its aims to increase participants’ ability to have early year’s conversations.  Building from these findings the 2021 B4 Community Storyteller Grants where undertaken.