B4 Community Story Tellers Grants

B4 is pleased announce the availability of grants of up to $20,000 for eligible community organisations and Local Governments, to train natural storytellers/leaders to become B4 Early Years Community Story Tellers. B4 Community Story tellers will be trained by Community Champions, using the Facilitators Guide to Training B4 Community Story Tellers resource, in both the importance of the early years and storytelling techniques.

Once trained, B4 Community Story Tellers will share the early years story across their community. Funds can also be used by local communities to contextualise the B4 Early Years Story and develop locally appropriate resources to support Story Tellers build awareness and understanding of the importance of the early years within their communities.

Grants close midnight 27 March 2020.


Important information

The B4 Early Years Community Storytellers Grants will close for applications on Friday 27 March 2020. Due to impacts on our communities and organisations from COVID19 there will be no assessment of applications received with Grants to reopen at a yet to be determined date in the future.

This postponement of the B4 Grants is in light of current impacts and alternate priorities facing organisations. All Grant applications received prior to 27 March 2020, will be held and automatically resubmitted when applications reopen. Any applications received can be amended or updated when Grants are reopened.

B4 will advise via the B4 website and via emails when the Grants are reopened for applications. Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions or queries please contact the B4 Support Team on (03) 616 55666 or b4@education.tas.gov.au.

B4 Community Champions

Are skilled community members whether they be employed or not and in any role Government, NGO etc., who are willing to be trained to deliver “B4 Community Story Tellers Training” using the “Facilitators Handbook for Training Community Early Years Story Tellers”, to key community members building a network of trained B4 Community Story Tellers.

As Community Champions are trained they will be added to the list for contact by communities who are seeking community members to be trained as B4 Community Story Tellers.

Current B4 Community Champions

Community Champions are currently being trained and will be added soon

About the Community Story Tellers Project

In four communities, the B4 Community Story Tellers Project was piloted to test the effectiveness of a skilled, peer-to-peer transfer of early years knowledge through storytelling – the peers being natural community story tellers or leaders, not necessarily early years professionals.

“…the fastest way to increase community understanding of the importance of the early years and change behaviours is to upskill specific people within communities that are trusted and more likely to be able to influence other community members, with storytelling skills and knowledge of the importance of the early years.”

Healthy Tasmania. 2019 B4 Early Years Story Tellers Project Final report. P.2. Internal document

Natural story tellers/leaders were targeted as:

“there is a known and worrying gap between the expert and public understanding of the early years development in Australia,”

Kendall-Taylor, L. Lindland, E. (2013). P.13. Modernity, Morals and More Information: Mapping the Gaps Between Expert and Public Understanding of Early Child Development in Australia. Frameworks Institute.

The pilot was highly successful in its aims to increase participants’ ability to have an early years conversation. B4 is now working to find a pathway forward to roll out this project more widely.