Come on a journey of discovery to learn more about children’s art, and a little of what the research tells us about children’s artistic development.

Download the development of children’s drawing – a series of easy to access sheets suitable for printing poster size for use in your service, with parents, carers or families to support and understand the importance and value of children’s mark making.

Visit our Making Marks page to access resources from the entire Making Marks series plus a thoughtful and informative document about the development of children’s drawing. “Look carefully at children’s work and learn to identify how these stages are emerging. Remember though each child grows as an artist in a unique way. The age ranges mentioned were originally identified by the researchers Rhoda Kellogg and Viktor Lowenfeld” and see why every mark made is meaningful.


L-R Example of an Aggregate, Circular line spread out and Sun
Images illustrating Rhoda Kellogg’s ‘Design Stage’ findings.

These materials were prepared by Di Nailon B4 Leader; in 2019 and are updated from those she created for Northern Children’s Network 2017 ArTastic exhibition, Launceston. They are based on the work of:
• Kellogg, R. (1969). Analyzing children’s art. Palo Alto, CA: National Press Books.
• Lowenfeld, V. (1954). Your child and his art: A guide for parents. New York, NY: Macmillan.