Starting from 5th June, B4 will have on display throughout the Bellerive/Rosny community on screens, and posters the message “Their first 1000 days last a lifetime. Play, Love, Learn. TOGETHER” promoting the importance of the first 1000 days until 30 June 2023. We are hoping you will support us, the children, and their families in your community to share this important message. Click here to view our first 1000 days resources.

The first 1000 days is the period from conception, through pregnancy, until the end of a child’s second year.

It’s a period of rapid development when a baby’s brain, body and immune system grow.

What happens in the first 1000 days impacts a child’s wellbeing and development now and for their lifetime.

For information and tips on the first 1000 days please visit First 1,000 Days | Little Tasmanian